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          Few people know, but Borgward existed also in Brazil. Now on August 28, 2010 are 52 years of the birth of BORGWARD DO BRASIL S.A. – INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO, as evidenced by the publication on pages 75, 76 and 77 of the Diário Oficial da União (Official Gazette) of 09.22.1958, the minutes of the company constitution, shown on the links below. Although full of plans, with manufacturing projects already approved by the government agency responsible at that time (GEIA) and initial capital set up and done, unfortunately the factory was only on paper, mainly due to the onset of hard times for the German headquarters, which culminated in its bankruptcy in 1961.

           But nearly we didn’t have Borgwards, Goliaths, Hansas or Lloyds manufactured in the country, it was a pity. Other causes could be identified as the lack of vision and a certain disbelief in the future Brazilian consumers potential by the staff of Bremen, in contrast to American manufacturers and even other Germans as Volkswagen and Mercedes, who believed and occupied their seats early and quickly at the Brazilian car production and now occupy prominent positions, even considering the global scenario, and its Brazilian subsidiaries are really strong pillars of these multinational groups. If Borgward had arrived a little earlier and with more decision ... the history would be another.


           This site will follow two main goals: Number one, show Borgward group's products in Brazil, tell the group's history in Germany as well as discover and reveal details explaining the small and short history of Borgward in Brazil and Number two, try to be helpful to the Borgward, Lloyd, Goliath and Hansa car owners, showing and providing as much data as we can to assist in their restoration, maintenance and conservation. We hope to have the help of all.


- global structure of the Borgward Group (courtesy Peter Kurze)

- establishment of Borgward do Brasil, page 75 of the Diário Oficial da União (Official Gazette) of 09.22.1958

- continuation on page 76 of the D.O.U. (Official Gazette) of 09.22.1958

- end on page 77 of the D.O.U. (Official Gazette) of 09.22.1958

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